Forward the human evolution in emerging tech as Artificial Intelligence, Spatial Computing and Blockchain are changing our lives.

“Let’s experience becoming”


Projects and research to explore and overcome the traditional boundaries of design, using Artificial Intelligence, Spatial Computing and emerging technologies between decision making, creativity and development.


Within these organizations I devise and disseminate new strategies for the application of emerging technologies to creativity, training and decision making.



Developing innovation strategies based on a vision of the present that anticipates the future.

Complex strategic design projects for innovative services and products in different industries. Development of processes for the provision of advisory services for large companies and international institutions.


Exploring insights and trends on innovative cultures and technologies to anticipate events and understand their impacts on our lives.

Research paths collaborating with Universities and Academies. I am the owner of the AI Laboratory in Raffles Milano Moda and Design, and a member of Humai Research, a research group for the adoption of AI in training for airline pilots.


Promoting and leading selected events that drive dialogue on ethical innovation and technology development.

Present in international conferences and hold seminars on frontier topics: from Artificial Intelligence to innovative business and social culture.


Investing in entrepreneurial initiatives, both profit and non-profit, capable of evolving the well-being of society and people.

I am on the Board of Decision Science Alliance and responsible for the Generative AI department. I have founded and invested in several startups in the world of service innovation and Artificial Intelligence.


Writing and distributing content to share discoveries and reflections on the culture of innovation, the world of strategic planning and emerging technologies

I am Editorial Director of IDA – Inform, Decide, Act – the Decision Science publishing platform. I am journalist since 2017, I write for italian business newspapers and magazines, as well as for international blogs and media. You can read my personal articles at my blog, Natural Artificial.

Brand Collab

From the first MoMA’s Metaverse virtual pavillion ever made, to SIAE+, the app for Author and Artists which brought me to Compasso D’Oro Nomination in 2021, to Ferrari Gestione Sportiva Digital Hub Design, to the ideation ad prototype of Lamborghini first Vehicle Personal Assistant in Huracan, To Valentino Employee Experience design, to Giampiero Bodino’s Brand Identity, my goal is always to assure the brand the excellence in innovation.