Developing my career across Design and Marketing, in 25+ years I’ve founded my endeavors on the vibrant mix of Humanities and Technology exploited by the Internet revolution. I am a designer, thinker and a maker who loves people, cultures and all about our wonderful planet and aims to collaborate to its natural evolution.

In a path of hard work, enlightened by unsolicited lucky strikes I’ve enjoyed many different winning adventures – few of them were solo, but the best were the ones I could share with teams. 

Welcome to this on-line journal where I share – pretty much often untimely – my thoughts. Be those in form of drawings, writings, schemes, narratives, chronicles.

In order to make my initiative the most enjoyable, let the fundamental premise in our exchange be the mutual conviction that our life is defined by paths leading us continuously between creation and destruction. Let us agree that creation destroys and that destruction creates.

Let us believe that both the creator nor the destroyer are to be judged, as Nature never makes mistakes.


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