Tribal Principles

We could sum up that life is a quest for competencies. Evolution urges the nature of life. In the art of survival, you have to understand how to weaponize knowledge. You need to understand how competencies are tools of excellence in your environment. Competences are more than fundamental, they are the actual survival kit.


Competencies have social origins. They are not just a matter of individual advancements and research, as we naturally exist only as a byproduct of our group of references. The size and the reach of the group are not based on the contextual physical presence. We do live in the age of the internet and the hyper-distributed network is the social construction we refer to.

. The size and the reach of the group are not based on the contextual physical presence. We do live in the age of the internet and the hyper-distributed network is the social construction we refer to.

A new generation of tools to build values and competencies are needed at this age when social values that grow in the communication space without physical connection do shape how we connect physically. We are under a perpetual storm of a meme in a light-speed media environment that makes our senses continuously turning. We need a continuously new way of learning, of understanding. So we re-define at the fastest rate the rankings in social reputation. In this climate, the compulsion to belong has grown far stronger than the compulsion to understand. We need to continuously find new ways to shift-and-enhance our capabilities, while the work we do becomes obsolete faster and faster, resources are available for the masses as the quality falls, geographical borders are blurring, if not disappearing while political-ideological borders are already broken.

Which are our point of references? Which competencies do we need to hold in order to breathe above the whirlpool?


Consider the right and wrong. In the era of perpetual stimuli and visual language dominion, in the virtual clash of cultures: in which way we can do it right when it’s so difficult to know the way we could get wrong? It’s like to be in an ever spinning tribal ritual, where when everything is impossible to understand, salvation resides in the attitudes that stem from strong loyalty to one’s own tribe or group like our ancestors did.

We form our post-internet tribe first by shaping the projections to which our imagination belongs to. We need to grasp the lowest instincts as they are the strongest point of certainty of our physicality when the immaterial space is dominated by the digital flow, that is the technological sense. The brands, luxury brands – for example – along the 2000s underwent this tribal revision made of golden-toothed rappers, bad words, display of violence, and squandered wealth.

It’s the age of Tinder fast casual sex encounters approaches, and Amazon’s hyper-shopping capabilities: it’s the age heralded by Facebook, by the super-gossip engine for the masses Facebook. No wonder that fake and true news collide there: social media are not supposed to spread the truth, they are there to spread the consent.

Tribal principles for the internet age

The First Tribal principle is for self-commitment and self-referentiality.

The Second Tribal principle is for consent and measurement of social rankings as a bond.

The Third Tribal principle is for sensual enjoyment and consumption.

The Fourth Tribal principle is for rituality and devices fetishism.

The Fifth Tribal principle is the exaltation of pain and denial of death.

The Sixth Tribal principle is the ostentation of goodness and happiness formalism.

The Seventh Tribal principle is the respect of the Law as the Rule of the Crowd and Family Ties to include friends-for-life and temporary connections as well.

New tribal principles and new tribal competencies. Meme and Influencers feed the new ethnic values, as the skills of make-believe have become far more important than real reporting. Photoshop has become the most important survival tool, as our image has become more real than us.

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