• Artificial Intelligence ethics by design: Intentionality and Autonomy.
    AI was conceived as a calculation that independently learns how to perform better and better. In a sense, Intelligence has become Artificial when the capability of self-improvement was included in a processing machine’s features list. Artificiality is a characteristic of objects that are contrived by human action. An intent – or a casualty – that produces something that – in that very same characteristics – didn’t […]
  • Praise to the unknown unknowns of transcendence beyond the digital world.
    I was laying in bed, sleepless late at night at Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore, Tower Wing. At that point, I felt so frustrated. I just realized that I could not solve everything with an app. But let me begin from the start. It was 2009. Well ,that meant a lot to me. In the advertising, I clearly understood that ‘Everything was already associated to an app‘. […]
  • Post-pandemic world, I am my shelter
    January 2020. In the Chinese province of Wuhan, a different virus is first discovered to cause bad cold and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). The virus belongs to a new corona type, whose human immunity system isn’t prepared for. Only two months later: in March 2020, the World Health Organization declares a Global Pandemic state. The city of Milan, Italy, it’s the most affected city outside […]
  • Tribal Principles
    We form our post-internet tribe first by shaping the projections to which our imagination belongs to. We need to grasp the lowest instincts as they are the strongest point of certainty of our physicality when the immaterial space is dominated by the digital flow, that is the technological sense.
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