This is where I share – pretty much often untimely – my thoughts. Be those in form of drawings, writings, schemes, narratives, chronicles.

In order to make my initiative the most enjoyable, let the fundamental premise in our exchange be the mutual conviction that our life is defined by paths leading us continuously between creation and destruction. Let us agree that creation destroys and that destruction creates.

Let us believe that both the creator nor the destroyer are to be judged, as Nature never makes mistakes.


How do i got here.

Tedium. Boredom that occurs when i’m full. Full of people to meet, full of strategies, tactics and concept to elaborate.

Fully taken by the constant research of  values to deliver. That’s how i got here: speculating about the feelings found amid the effectiveness, i stumbled into the moment.

Focused on my activities’ performance. I got here because I, like you, need to go deeper and beyond  the limits of what can be understood, embracing the evidence of what can only be felt.

Someone once told me: ‘It is so evident with some animals. When you look into their eyes and they look back into yours, there’s a moment of communion when you realise that they don’t elaborate the reasons why they are feeling what they feel.  They simply are what they feel, they always feel what do they need‘.

I got here by travelling the feelings.


Tribal Principles

We form our post-internet tribe first by shaping the projections to which our imagination belongs to. We need to grasp the lowest instincts as they are the strongest point of certainty of our physicality when the immaterial space is dominated by the digital flow, that is the technological sense.


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